MCL - Section 425.101

Act 163 of 1911

425.101 Inspector of mines; election, term, and qualifications; prohibited employment; eligibility.

Sec. 1.

     There shall be elected at the general election in the year 1968, and at the general election held every fourth year thereafter an inspector of mines for the term of 4 years in any county within this state where there are iron or copper mines situated, some suitable person who is a citizen of this state, who can read and write the English language, and who has had at least 10 years' actual experience in mining, or a person holding the degree of mining engineer, or an equivalent degree, and who shall have practiced his or her profession as a mining engineer for at least 2 years. Inspectors of mines shall not, during their term of office, accept employment or be employed by any mining company or any subsidiary or affiliate thereof. A person elected to any other public office shall not be eligible for election as an inspector of mines, nor for appointment as a deputy inspector.

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