MCL - 431-1984-1

Act 431 of 1984
Article 1

Document Type Description
Section 18.1101 Section Short title.
Section 18.1111 Section Meanings of words and phrases.
Section 18.1112 Section Definitions; A, B.
Section 18.1113 Section Definitions; C to E.
Section 18.1114 Section Definitions; F.
Section 18.1115 Section Definitions; I to U.
Section 18.1121 Section Department of management and budget; creation.
Section 18.1122 Section Director as head of department.
Section 18.1123 Section Director; appointment; term; chief information officer.
Section 18.1124 Section Director; powers and duties generally; chief information officer; report; powers and duties; executive branch sharing of data and information.
Section 18.1125 Section Film production located in state; use of state property; information about potential film locations; definitions.
Section 18.1131 Section Administrative and procedural directives; rules.
Section 18.1141 Section Duties of department.
Section 18.1145 Section Type I transfers to department.