MCL - Section 445.402

Act 350 of 1917

445.402 Second hand or junk dealer; license, issuance; terms; transferability; fee; inspection.

Sec. 2.

    (1) The mayor of a city or chief executive officer of a county or village may grant a license to a person that authorizes that person to carry on the business of a second hand dealer or junk dealer in that city, county, or village, subject to the provisions of this act. For purposes of this subsection, a second hand dealer that uses an automated recycling kiosk to receive articles is considered to be carrying on the business of a second hand dealer in the city, county, or village in which the kiosk is installed.
    (2) A license granted under this section must designate the particular place where the person shall carry on the business of a second hand dealer or junk dealer. The person must conduct that business only in the place designated in the license.
    (3) The term of a license granted under this section is 1 year from date of issuance unless sooner revoked for cause. The license is not transferable. The legislative body of any city, or the trustees and chief executive officer of any county or village, shall establish the fee for processing and issuing a license in accordance with its charter or local ordinance, based on the cost of issuance and administration of that license.
    (4) The city, village, or county may inspect the premises of a licensed second hand dealer or junk dealer during normal business hours. As used in this subsection, "premises" includes the place where an automated recycling kiosk is installed.

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