MCL - Section 445.404

Act 350 of 1917

445.404 Second hand or junk dealer; sign; prerequisites; record; inspection.

Sec. 4.

    (1) A second hand dealer or junk dealer shall post in a conspicuous place in or on its place of business a sign that states its name and occupation.
    (2) A second hand dealer or junk dealer shall make and maintain a separate book or other written or electronic record, numbered consecutively, and open to inspection by a member of a local law enforcement agency and the Michigan state police, in which the dealer writes or enters in the English language at the time of the purchase or exchange of any article, all of the following:
    (a) A description of the article.
    (b) The name, description, fingerprint, operator's or chauffeur's license or state identification number, registration plate number, and address of the individual from whom the article is purchased and received. The second hand dealer or junk dealer shall make a copy of the operator's license, chauffeur's license, or state identification card as part of the book or record.
    (c) The day and hour the purchase or exchange is made.
    (d) The location from which the item is obtained.
    (e) Subject to subsection (3), the method of payment.
    (3) A second hand dealer or junk dealer must pay for an item by check or by an electronic payment system, except that if payment is made by an automated recycling kiosk, the second hand dealer may pay cash for the item.

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