MCL - 451-1976-1-6E

Act 451 of 1976
Document Type Description
Section 380.551 Section School of excellence; powers; definitions.
Section 380.552 Section Contracts; limitation on issuance; requirements; cyber schools; conversion of public school academy to school of excellence; organization and administration; authorizing body; application; contents; oversight; suspension of power to issue contracts; fee; presumption of legality; oath of office; offerings made by cyber school; final audited membership; enrollment; limitations; definitions; report; parent-student orientation; school of excellence located within community district.
Section 380.553 Section Schools of excellence; issuance of contract; petition to place question of issuing contract on ballot; submission; resolution; contents of contract; compliance with applicable law; governmental immunity; exemption from taxation; acquisition of property.
Section 380.553a Section Cyber school.
Section 380.553c Section School of excellence; management agreement with educational management organization; definitions.
Section 380.554 Section Contract to operate school of excellence; tax levy; use of revenue.
Section 380.555 Section Liability for debt incurred by school of excellence.
Section 380.556 Section Location; configuration of age or grade levels; operation at more than 1 site; tuition; discrimination; enrollment; selection process; priority; grades and programs offered.
Section 380.557 Section School of excellence; powers.
Section 380.558 Section School district subject to court desegregation order.
Section 380.559 Section Use of certificated teachers; use of noncertificated individuals; development and implementation of new teaching techniques or methods.
Section 380.560 Section Employing or contracting with personnel; method of compensation.
Section 380.560a Section Medical, optical, or dental benefits provided to employees; compliance with public employees health benefit act.
Section 380.561 Section School of excellence; authorizing body; contract; agreement; fiscal agent; notice of certain conditions; decision to issue, not issue, or reconstitute contract, or terminate or revoke contract; corrective measures; transition of affected pupils; notice to superintendent of public instruction; reversion of property to state.