MCL - 451-1994-II-5-173

Act 451 of 1994
PART 173
Document Type Description
Section 324.17301 Section Definitions.
Section 324.17303 Section Sale or offer of sale of new covered electronic device; registration by manufacturer; expiration; contents; effectiveness; failure to comply with requirements or rules; notice of deficiency; denial or revocation of registration; hearing; validity; fee; deposit of revenues; list of registered manufacturers; maintenance of website; report.
Section 324.17305 Section Sale or offer of sale of new covered electronic device; manufacturer; requirements.
Section 324.17307 Section Sale or offer of sale of new covered electronic device; retailer; appearance of manufacturer on registration list.
Section 324.17309 Section Computer takeback program.
Section 324.17311 Section Video display device takeback program.
Section 324.17313 Section Electronic waste advisory council; creation; members; appointments; term; vacancy; removal; co-chairs; meeting; quorum; business conducted at public meeting; writings; compensation prohibited; report; dissolution.
Section 324.17315 Section Recycling of covered electronic devices; manner; rules.
Section 324.17317 Section Recycling of covered electronic devices; registration form; contents; report of total weight recycled previous state fiscal year; effectiveness of registration; notice of deficiency; fee; deposit of revenues; submission of false registration as violation; report.
Section 324.17319 Section Requirements.
Section 324.17321 Section Rules for purposes of MCL 324.17303 and 324.17315.
Section 324.17323 Section Management of covered electronic devices not considered disposal.
Section 324.17325 Section Recycler of covered electronic devices; inspection of operations.
Section 324.17327 Section Electronic waste recycling fund; creation; deposit of money or assets; investment; money at close of fiscal year; administrator of fund; expenditures.
Section 324.17329 Section Violation; penalty; suspension or revocation of registration; deposit of fine in electronic waste recycling fund.
Section 324.17331 Section Loss or use of data; liability.
Section 324.17333 Section Report.