MCL - 451-1994-III-4-5-801

Act 451 of 1994
Part 801
Document Type Description
Section 324.80101 Section Definitions; A to C.
Section 324.80102 Section Definitions; D to L.
Section 324.80103 Section Definitions; M to O.
Section 324.80104 Section "Highly restricted personal information" defined; definitions; P to W.
Section 324.80105 Section Application of part.
Section 324.80106 Section Administration of part; advisory representative.
Section 324.80107 Section Review of boating accidents, safety education programs, and policies.
Section 324.80108 Section Regulations of waterborne vehicles; exclusive diving, fishing, swimming or water ski areas; special local regulations.
Section 324.80108[1] Section Lists of information; sale prohibited.
Section 324.80108a Section Operation of airboat within certain distance of residence; limitation; exceptions.
Section 324.80109 Section Rules; subsection (1) inapplicable to special local rules.
Section 324.80110 Section Special rules for vessels, water skis, water sleds, aquaplanes, surfboards, or other similar contrivances; investigations and inquiries; preliminary report; notice of public hearing; presentation of views by interested persons; determination by department; proposal for local ordinance; appeal; "water body" defined.
Section 324.80111 Section Proposed local ordinance; submission to governing body; approval or disapproval; enactment; enforcement.
Section 324.80112 Section Special local ordinances; request for assistance; form; receipt of resolution by department.
Section 324.80112a Section Temporary ordinance for use of vessels on a water body; application; information required; investigation; notice; expiration; right to appeal.
Section 324.80113 Section Enforcement of local ordinances; existing rules; enactment of statutory provisions as ordinance.
Section 324.80114 Section Rules; violation; fine.
Section 324.80114a Section Prohibition against operation of motorized vessel; exemption; marine exemption certificate; physician's attestation.
Section 324.80115 Section Disposition of revenues; credit to waterways account; appropriation; fees.
Section 324.80116 Section Boating safety program; compliance with rules; federal financial assistance.
Section 324.80117 Section Marine safety program; state aid; formula; limitation on determination; use; statement of expenditures.
Section 324.80118 Section Allocation of state aid to counties.
Section 324.80119 Section Marine safety program; audits of county records; refunds to state.
Section 324.80120 Section Marine safety program; cooperation with county sheriffs; records; reports.
Section 324.80121 Section Rules.
Section 324.80122 Section Conditions to operation of vessels; violation; fine.
Section 324.80123 Section Exemption.
Section 324.80124 Section Application for certificate of number; certificate of title; 15-day permit; fee; "the length of vessel" defined; tax exemption; issuance; delinquent fee or tax; penalty; retention of certificate of number on shore; contents of lease or rental agreement; painting or attaching number; assigning block of numbers; federally documented vessel; decal; issuance of original certificate of number, numbering renewal decal, or other renewal device; numbering system; registration; issuance of certificate of number; historic vessel; refund to owner of nonmotorized canoe or kayak; refund and computation of fee.
Section 324.80124a Section Great Lakes protection specialty watercraft decal.
Section 324.80124b Section Great Lakes protection specialty watercraft decal; use of money received from sale; definitions.
Section 324.80125 Section Notice of destruction or sale of vessel; transfer of vessel; change of address; surrender of certificate; cancellation of certificate and reassignment of number; certificate for replacement vessel; refund; recording new address and returning certificates; application for transfer of certificate; fees; duration of certificate; duplicate certificate.
Section 324.80126 Section Dealer certificates of number and dealer decals.
Section 324.80127 Section Payment of fee by credit card or check.
Section 324.80128 Section Secretary of state; certificate of number.
Section 324.80129 Section Maintenance of records; availability to the public.
Section 324.80130 Section Commercial lookup service of records; disposition of fees; computerized central file; purpose; creation; maintenance; providing records to nongovernmental person or entity; payment; admissibility in evidence.
Section 324.80130a Section Disclosure of information prohibited; exceptions.
Section 324.80130b Section Resale or redisclosure of personal information; maintenance of records; duration; availability for inspection.
Section 324.80130c Section Furnishing list of information to federal, state, or local governmental agency; contract for sale of list of information; insertion of safeguard in agreement or contract; resale or redisclosure of information; disclosure of list based on watercraft operations or sanctions to nongovernmental agency.
Section 324.80130d Section Prohibited conduct; violations as felony; penalties.
Section 324.80130f Section Abandonment of vessel prohibited; presumption; violation; civil infraction; "abandoned vessel" defined; determination that vessel not stolen; duties of police agency; notice of abandoned vessel; duties of secretary of state; request for hearing by owner to contest abandonment; redemption of vessel; abandonment of vessel on private property without owner consent; offer of vessel for public sale.
Section 324.80130g Section Definitions; unregistered abandoned scrap vessel; custody; duties of police agency; release of vessel to towing service; certificate of scrapping; retention of records; abandonment of vessel on private property; notice of abandoned vessel; request for hearing by owner to contest abandonment; redemption of vessel.
Section 324.80130h Section Determination that vessel not stolen; immediate removal from public or private property; arrival of owner before towing or removal; entering vessel in law enforcement information network as abandoned; release of vessel to owner; authorization required; notice.
Section 324.80130i Section Courts; jurisdiction; venue; use of bond to pay towing and storage fees; exclusive remedies.
Section 324.80130j Section Filing of petition by owner of vessel; duties of court; burden of showing compliance with act; decision of court.
Section 324.80130k Section Public sale of abandoned vessel.
Section 324.80130l Section Abandoned vessel, ORV, and snowmobile fund.
Section 324.80130m Section Towing or storage fees.
Section 324.80130n Section Applicability of MCL 324.80130f and 324.80130g.
Section 324.80130o Section Notice of towing or removal of vessel; posting; requirements; use of term "vehicles."
Section 324.80130p Section Applicability of MCL 324.80130o.
Section 324.80131 Section Violation of part or ordinance; record of charge or citation; forwarding abstracts or report to secretary of state; statement; certification; noncompliance; public inspection; basis for issuing order; transmitting and entering order of reversal; modifying requirements.
Section 324.80132 Section Applicability of MCL 324.80134 and 324.80135; applicability of section.
Section 324.80133 Section Casualty involving vessel; assistance to injured persons.
Section 324.80134 Section Casualties involving vessels; exchange of identification.
Section 324.80134a Section Accident involving serious impairment of body function or death; remaining at scene of accident; violation as felony; “serious impairment of a body function” defined.
Section 324.80135 Section Casualty involving vessel; report.
Section 324.80136 Section Peace officer receiving report or investigating casualty involving vessel; report to department and county sheriff; form and contents.
Section 324.80137 Section Casualty reports involving vessel; use; fee; copies; admissibility in court.
Section 324.80138 Section Transmission of information for analytical or statistical purposes.
Section 324.80139 Section Rules.
Section 324.80140 Section Educational programs; establishment; youthful boat operators training program; certificates of completion; information to be included in program.
Section 324.80141 Section Operation of motorboat by person less than 12 years of age; operation of motorboat by person on or after July 1, 1996; certification required; electronic verification; consent to search; liability.
Section 324.80142 Section Wearing of personal flotation device by child required; exception; “charter boat” and “class C vessel” defined; violation; fine.
Section 324.80143 Section Barge; lights; number; placement; position; barges moored together; limitation; order to move moored vessel; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; costs; definitions.
Section 324.80143a Section Carrying, storing, maintaining, and using marine safety equipment onboard vessel; violation as civil infraction; fine.
Section 324.80144 Section Operation of vessels; rules; violation; fine.
Section 324.80145 Section Operation of vessels; speed; interference with use of waters by others; violation; fine.
Section 324.80146 Section Maximum or unlimited vessel speed; rules; maximum vessel speed where limits not established; exceptions; resolution requesting reduction in maximum speed limit; emergency conditions; temporary speed limit requirements; time limitations; declaration of state emergency; requiring slow—no wake speed or minimum speed; violation; fine; exceptions; waiver.
Section 324.80147 Section Reckless operation of vessels; penalty.
Section 324.80148 Section Operating motorboat at more than slow—no wake speed; prohibitions; exceptions.
Section 324.80149 Section Operation of vessels in counter-clockwise fashion; distance between persons being towed and other objects; exception; violation as misdemeanor; violation as civil infraction; fine.
Section 324.80150 Section Operation of vessels; prohibited in certain areas.
Section 324.80151 Section Towing of persons; prohibited time; violation; fine.
Section 324.80152 Section Towing or assisting person prohibited; exceptions; violation; fine; subsections (1) and (3) inapplicable under certain conditions; standards; rules; certification; information to be provided; specification of bodies of water for use in practice.
Section 324.80153 Section Vessels; use of portions unintended for occupancy prohibited; exceptions.
Section 324.80154 Section Interference with operation of vessel by nonoccupant.
Section 324.80155 Section Divers; marking point of submergence; distance from diver's flag.
Section 324.80156 Section Motorboat; muffler or underwater exhaust system required; maximum sound levels; test and maximum decibel levels; new motorboat to comply with prescribed sound levels; exceptions; “dB(A)” defined; violation and penalties.
Section 324.80157 Section Liability of vessel owner for negligent operation; presumption of consent to use.
Section 324.80158 Section Responsibility of vessel owner for damage caused by vessel wake.
Section 324.80159 Section Buoys or beacons; permit for placement; application; revocation; removal.
Section 324.80160 Section Buoys or beacons; uniform marking system.
Section 324.80161 Section Buoys or beacons; compliance with federal law or regulations; permits.
Section 324.80162 Section Buoys or beacons; use as moorings; moving, removal or damaging.
Section 324.80163 Section Anchored raft or other item or material; relocation or removal as navigation hazard; costs; failure to pay; lien.
Section 324.80164 Section Regattas; rules; permit; authorization; applications.
Section 324.80164a Section Personal flotation device and throwable flotation device; exception from requirements.
Section 324.80165 Section Regattas, races, or trials; compliance with federal law or regulation; permit; waiver.
Section 324.80166 Section Peace officers; stopping of vessels; duty of operator; reasonable suspicion; furnishing false information as misdemeanor; arrest without warrant.
Section 324.80166a Section Agreement with United States coast guard.
Section 324.80167 Section Arrest without warrant; cases in which arrested person arraigned by magistrate or judge.
Section 324.80168 Section Arrest without warrant; notice to appear in court; time; place; appearance; acceptance of pleas.
Section 324.80169 Section Arrest without warrant; nonresidents; recognizance; receipt and summons; failure to appear; deposit of money; report; embezzlement.
Section 324.80170 Section Violation by officer, magistrate, or district court judge as misconduct in office; removal from office; applicability and construction of MCL 324.80168 and 324.80169.
Section 324.80171 Section Violation of part or rules; penalties.
Section 324.80172 Section Negligent crippling or death; penalty.
Section 324.80173 Section Felonious operation of watercraft; penalty.
Section 324.80174 Section Negligent homicide included in charge of manslaughter.
Section 324.80175 Section Nonresidents; secretary of state as attorney for service of summons; service; procedure; sufficiency; death; appointment of secretary of state as attorney; abatement of actions; costs; applicability to all courts.
Section 324.80176 Section Operation of or authorizing operation of motorboat while under influence of alcoholic liquor or controlled substance prohibited; visible impairment; violation as felony; penalty; "serious impairment of a body function" defined; operation by person less than 21 years of age; "any bodily alcohol content" defined; requirements; "operate" defined.
Section 324.80177 Section Violation of MCL 324.80176(1); sanctions; costs.
Section 324.80178 Section Violation of MCL 324.80176(3); sanctions; costs.
Section 324.80178a Section Violation of MCL 324.80176(6); sanctions; costs.
Section 324.80178b Section Violation of MCL 324.80176(7)(a) or 324.80176(7)(b); sanctions; costs.
Section 324.80179 Section Enhanced sentencing based on prior convictions; conditions; attempted violation of MCL 324.80176(1), MCL 324.80176(3), or local ordinance.
Section 324.80180 Section Peace officer; arrest without warrant; reasonable cause; conditions; returning motorboat and occupants to shore; effect of not charging person receiving citation.
Section 324.80181 Section Chemical test and analysis of blood, urine, or breath; collection of sample or specimen; application of administrative rules.
Section 324.80182 Section Chemical test; administration at request of peace officer, during medical treatment, or by medical examiner if operator of vessel is deceased; procedures.
Section 324.80183 Section Chemical test; introduction of other competent evidence; availability of test results.
Section 324.80184 Section Refusal to submit to chemical test as admissible evidence.
Section 324.80185 Section Advising defendant of penalties and sanctions; ordering screening, assessment, and rehabilitative services.
Section 324.80186 Section Sentencing as multiple offender; consideration of prior convictions; sanctions.
Section 324.80187 Section Consent to chemical tests of blood, breath, or urine; circumstances; exception; administration.
Section 324.80188 Section Refusal to submit to chemical test at request of peace officer; obtaining court order; forwarding report to secretary of state.
Section 324.80189 Section Refusal to submit to chemical test; notice of right to request hearing.
Section 324.80190 Section Refusal to submit to chemical test; failure to request hearing; manner and conditions of hearing if requested; record of proceedings; order; petitions to review order or to review determination of hearing officer.
Section 324.80191 Section Order not to operate vessel on waters of state; convictions requiring issuance of order by secretary of state; effectiveness of order if more than 1 conviction resulting from same incident.
Section 324.80192 Section Convictions requiring order with no expiration date; terminating order; multiple convictions from same incident; judicial review.
Section 324.80193 Section Failure to answer citation or notice to appear in court or comply with judgment or order; notice of issuance of order without expiration date; conditions terminating order.
Section 324.80194 Section Petition for review of determination; order setting cause for hearing; service; authority and duty of court; applicability of section.
Section 324.80195 Section Petition for stay of order; entering ex parte order; terms and conditions; exception.
Section 324.80196 Section Person subject to order not to operate vessel on waters of state; prohibited conduct; violation of subsection (1) as misdemeanor; penalty; extending length of order; obtaining and furnishing boating record; applicability of section; confiscating certificate of number and cancelling registration numbers.
Section 324.80197 Section Impoundment of vessel; order; execution; liability for expenses; rights of conditional vendor, chattel mortgagee, or lessor of vessel.
Section 324.80197a Section Conviction based on plea of nolo contendere.
Section 324.80198 Section Administrative order processing fee; disposition and allocation.
Section 324.80198a Section Public dock, pier, wharf, or retaining wall; entry or use prohibited under certain wind conditions; barricades; notice.
Section 324.80198b Section Public bathing beaches; buoys required; prohibited swimming area; exception; violation; fine.
Section 324.80199 Section Part not to affect owner's rights under laws of United States.