MCL - Section 487.3802

Act 354 of 1996

487.3802 Construction of act.

Sec. 802.

    (1) The powers, privileges, duties, and restrictions conferred and imposed upon any institution existing and doing business under the laws of this state to which this act is applicable are abridged, enlarged, or modified as each particular case may require to conform to this act.
    (2) This act shall not be construed to affect the legality of investments or of transactions made under any law in effect when the investments or transactions were made or to require the change of investments for those named in this act, except by the sale or redemption of the securities to prevent loss or embarrassment in the business of the institution, or unnecessary loss or injury to the borrowers on the securities.
    (3) An extension of any loan or investment shall not be made by any institution, unless necessary to avoid loss or embarrassment as provided in subsection (2).

History: 1996, Act 354, Imd. Eff. July 1, 1996