MCL - Section 500.624

Act 218 of 1956

500.624 “Casualty” defined; combination with property insurance.

Sec. 624.

    (1) "Casualty" insurance includes insurances as follows:
    (a) Steam boiler and flywheel. Insurance against loss or damage to property of the insured, and loss or damage to the life, person or property of another for which the insured is liable, caused by the explosion of steam boilers or their connections or by the breakage or rupture of machinery or flywheels; and against loss of use and occupancy caused thereby;
    (b) Liability, automobile, and workmen's compensation. Insurance of any person, partnership, or corporation against loss or damage on account of the bodily injury or death by accident of any person, or against damage caused by automobiles, vehicles or draft animals to property of another, for which loss or damage said person, partnership or corporation is responsible, or against accidental damage sustained by automobiles or vehicles, or against all of the said contingencies, inclusive of workmen's compensation insurance;
    (c) Plate glass. Insurance against a breakage of plate glass, local or in transit;
    (d) Sprinkler. Insurance of any goods or premises against loss or damage by water caused by the breakage or leakage of sprinklers, pumps, water pipes or plumbing and its fixtures, and against accidental injury from other causes than fire or lightning to such sprinklers, pumps, water pipes, plumbing and fixtures;
    (e) Credit. The business commonly known as credit insurance or guaranty, either by agreeing to purchase uncollectible debts, or otherwise to insure against loss or damage from the failure of persons indebted to the insured to meet their liabilities;
    (f) Burglary and theft. Insurance against loss or damage by burglary, theft, house breaking or forgery;
    (g) Livestock. Insurance upon the lives of horses, cattle and other livestock or against loss by the theft of any of such property or both;
    (h) Malpractice. Insurance of persons lawfully engaged in the practice of medicine, surgery, dentistry, or dispensing drugs or medicines, and partnerships or corporations lawfully engaged in the operation of hospitals or sanitariums, against loss resulting from all claims and suits alleging malpractice, error or mistake and based upon professional services rendered or which should have been rendered by insured and/or his or her assistants or employees, and to defend and indemnify insured against any loss resulting from all other suits for civil damages arising out of the practice by insured of his profession; except that indemnity under such insurance shall not extend to claims or suits based on criminal acts or on services rendered while under the influence of liquor or drugs;
    (i) Miscellaneous. By and with the consent of the commissioner, insurance against any other hazards of a casualty nature not prohibited by the laws of this state nor exclusively delegated to any other class or kind of insurer.
    (2) Any insurance carrier authorized under any section of this code to write any casualty insurance, shall have the right and authority to insure against any of the risks specified or referred to in any of the provisions of section 610 (property insurance defined), combined in a single policy. Nothing herein contained shall be construed to extend the lines permitted to be written by any class of insurer beyond those otherwise provided, except as to personal property floater policies.

History: 1956, Act 218, Eff. Jan. 1, 1957 ;-- Am. 1966, Act 221, Imd. Eff. July 11, 1966
Popular Name: Act 218