MCL - Section 570.586

Act 201 of 2010

570.586 Action to enforce lien; complaint.

Sec. 6.

    (1) A person claiming a commercial real estate broker's lien may bring an action to enforce the lien in the circuit court for the county where the commercial real estate is located by filing a complaint and affidavit that the claim of lien has been recorded.
    (2) The plaintiff in an action under this section shall name as defendants all persons that, at the time the action is filed, have an interest in the commercial real estate that is the subject of the action that would be divested or impaired by the foreclosure of the lien.
    (3) The complaint in an action under this section may include a claim on the contract from which the lien arises.

History: 2010, Act 201, Imd. Eff. Oct. 5, 2010