MCL - Section 791.231b

Act 232 of 1953

791.231b Parole denials; report.

Sec. 31b.

    (1) The department shall submit a quarterly report to the senate and house committees responsible for legislation concerning corrections issues detailing the number of prisoners who have reached their earliest possible release on parole date under the requirements of this chapter but who have not been granted parole.
    (2) The report required under this section must categorize the total number of parole denials by the number of prisoners who have been denied parole for each of the following reasons:
    (a) The nature and circumstances of the offense for which the prisoner is incarcerated at the time of the parole consideration.
    (b) The prisoner's institutional program performance, including whether or not the prisoner completed all required programming.
    (c) The prisoner's institutional conduct, including the number of major misconduct charges for which the prisoner has been found guilty and security classification increases over the previous 5 years and the year immediately before parole consideration.
    (d) The prisoner's prior criminal record and pending criminal charges or detainers. As used in this subdivision, "prior criminal record" means the recorded criminal history of a prisoner, including all misdemeanor and felony convictions, probation violations, juvenile adjudications for acts that would have been crimes if committed by an adult, parole failures, and delayed sentences.
    (e) Whether the prisoner was previously granted parole and had his or her parole revoked.
    (f) Whether the prisoner was identified in the federal combined DNA index system (CODIS) and linked to an unsolved criminal violation.
    (g) Other relevant factors under the parole guidelines.

History: Add. 2017, Act 7, Eff. June 29, 2017
Popular Name: Department of Corrections Act