MCL - Act 224 of 1985


Act 224 of 1985

AN ACT to promote economic growth within economically distressed local governmental units; to provide for the creation of enterprise zones; to provide for the creation of an enterprise zone authority; to prescribe the powers and duties of officials and agencies of the state and certain local governmental units; to provide for the establishment of citizens' councils and to prescribe their powers and duties; to authorize the levy and collection of specific taxes; and to provide qualifications for certification of and incentives for certain businesses located in enterprise zones.

History: 1985, Act 224, Imd. Eff. Jan. 13, 1986

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 125.2101 Section Short title.
Section 125.2102 Section Legislative findings.
Section 125.2103 Section Definitions.
Section 125.2104 Section Michigan enterprise zone authority; creation; powers, duties, and functions; staff; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; vacancy; designees; reimbursement of expenses.
Section 125.2105 Section Powers of authority vested in members; quorum; action by authority; meetings.
Section 125.2106 Section Powers and duties of authority generally.
Section 125.2107 Section Analysis of economic impacts of enterprise zones; presentation to legislative committees; development and implementation of recommendations.
Section 125.2108 Section Qualifying local governmental units.
Section 125.2109 Section Citizens' council for potential enterprise zone; establishment; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; staff; administrative duties and functions.
Section 125.2110 Section Duties of citizens' council.
Section 125.2111 Section Adoption of ordinance establishing proposed enterprise zone; public hearing; notice; vote; boundaries.
Section 125.2112 Section Application to have area approved as enterprise zone; filing; form; contents.
Section 125.2113 Section Review of application; approval or rejection; comprehensive development plan; contents; public hearing; notice; action by authority; spending tax revenue on physical improvements; revocation.
Section 125.2114 Section Application for certification as qualified business; procedure.
Section 125.2114a Section Certification as qualified business; application; eligibility; time period; revocation; limitation.
Section 125.2115 Section Condition to certification as qualified business.
Section 125.2116 Section Effect of transferring employment from 1 or more local governmental units.
Section 125.2117 Section Allegations of noncompliance; procedure.
Section 125.2118 Section Eligibility for exemption, credit, or deduction.
Section 125.2119 Section Duration of exemption or credit.
Section 125.2120 Section Exemption from ad valorem real and personal property taxes.
Section 125.2120a Section Exemption of commercial, industrial, or utility property from ad valorem real and personal property taxes; compliance required.
Section 125.2120b Section Additional exemption from ad valorem real and personal property taxes.
Section 125.2121 Section Enterprise zone created before 1994; levy of specific tax; amount; payment; disbursement; agreement; credit; lien; eligibility for credit; funding emergency dispatch services, senior citizen centers, and substance abuse rehabilitation services.
Section 125.2121a Section Use of disbursement pursuant to MCL 125.2121 (4)(a) and (b).
Section 125.2121b Section Enterprise zone created after 1993; levy of specific tax; amount; payment; disbursement; lien; qualification as replacement facility; failure to pay tax; allocation to school district.
Section 125.2121c Section Property located in renaissance zone.
Section 125.2121d Section Facility certified as qualified business; exemption for eligible manufacturing personal property; "eligible manufacturing personal property" defined.
Section 125.2122 Section Neglecting or failing to pay tax; seizure and sale of property; civil action; jeopardy assessment; collection of delinquent tax; remedies; disbursement of amount of tax and interest on tax.
Section 125.2123 Section Revenue lost as result of reduced taxes; appropriation and distribution to local government; amount.