MCL - Act 330 of 2016


Act 330 of 2016

AN ACT relating to certain trusts; to provide for the powers and procedures of the court that has jurisdiction of certain trusts; to provide for the validity and effect of certain transfers and contracts that relate to certain trusts; to provide remedies; and to provide procedures to facilitate enforcement of certain trusts.

History: 2016, Act 330, Eff. Mar. 8, 2017

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 700.1041 Section Short title.
Section 700.1042 Section Definitions.
Section 700.1043 Section Probate court; jurisdiction; venue.
Section 700.1044 Section Powers and rights of transferor.
Section 700.1045 Section Rights, actions, and claims of creditor.
Section 700.1046 Section Qualified affidavit; requirements.
Section 700.1047 Section Avoidance of qualified disposition.
Section 700.1048 Section Qualified trustee; successor.
Section 700.1049 Section Power or capacity of trust beneficiary to transfer income; attachment; assignment; claim or action against trustee; disclaiming interest in trust.
Section 700.1050 Section Applicability of act; conflict with other provisions of law.