MCL - Act 339 of 1919


Act 339 of 1919

AN ACT relating to dogs and the protection of live stock and poultry from damage by dogs; providing for the licensing of dogs; regulating the keeping of dogs, and authorizing their destruction in certain cases; providing for the determination and payment of damages done by dogs to live stock and poultry; imposing powers and duties on certain state, county, city and township officers and employes, and to repeal Act No. 347 of the Public Acts of 1917, and providing penalties for the violation of this act.

History: 1919, Act 339, Eff. Aug. 14, 1919
Compiler's Notes: Near the end of this title, the word "employes" evidently should read "employees".

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 287.261 Section Short title; definitions.
Section 287.262 Section Dogs; licensing, tags, leashes.
Section 287.263 Section Repealed. 1969, Act 195, Eff. Mar. 20, 1970.
Section 287.264 Section Supervision and enforcement.
Section 287.265 Section Tags, blanks and license forms.
Section 287.266 Section Dog licenses; application; resolution; provisions; proof of vaccination.
Section 287.266a Section Repealed. 1969, Act 195, Eff. Mar. 20, 1970.
Section 287.267 Section Dog license; tag, approval; kept on dog.
Section 287.268 Section Dog license; unlicensed and young dogs; application; fee after certain date.
Section 287.269 Section Dog license; contents.
Section 287.269a Section Production of proof of license.
Section 287.270 Section “Kennel” defined; kennel license; fee; tags; certificate; rules; inspection; exception.
Section 287.270a Section Repealed. 1969, Act 195, Eff. Mar. 20, 1970.
Section 287.270b Section Kennel licensing ordinance.
Section 287.271 Section Rules governing kennel dogs.
Section 287.272 Section Lost tags.
Section 287.273 Section License and tag; transferability.
Section 287.274 Section Application for license blanks and tags; issuance of dog licenses and tags; fee; return of unused tags, books, and receipts; contents of receipt; paying over money; resolution providing that clerk perform duties of treasurer.
Section 287.274a Section Issuance of dog license; information about microchip implantation availability to be provided to dog owner; definitions.
Section 287.275 Section County treasurer's record; inspection.
Section 287.276 Section Listing of dogs; compensation of supervisor; appointment, duties, and compensation of animal control officer.
Section 287.277 Section Identification and location of unlicensed dogs; public nuisance; list; commencement of proceedings.
Section 287.278 Section Killing of dog molesting wildlife.
Section 287.279 Section Killing of dog pursuing, worrying, or wounding livestock or poultry, or attacking person; damages for trespass; effect of license tag.
Section 287.279a Section Killing dog or other animal; use of high altitude decompression chamber or electrocution prohibited.
Section 287.280 Section Loss or damage to livestock or poultry caused by dogs; complaint; examination; summons; proceedings; killing of dog; liability of owner or keeper.
Section 287.281 Section Report of examination.
Section 287.282 Section Damage to livestock or poultry by dogs; fees of justice, inclusion in damages.
Section 287.283 Section Payment for amount of loss or damage; costs; investigation.
Section 287.284 Section Board of county auditors; duties.
Section 287.285 Section Saving clause; disposition of dog fund; expense of dog department in cities, payment.
Section 287.286 Section Penalties; disposition of fines.
Section 287.286a Section Sworn complaint; contents; issuance of summons; hearing; order; penalty for disobedience; costs; audit and payment of claims.
Section 287.286b Section Penalty for stealing or confining licensed dog.
Section 287.287 Section Recovery of value of dog illegally killed.
Section 287.288 Section Common law liability.
Section 287.289 Section Dogs imported temporarily.
Section 287.289a Section Animal control agency; establishment; employees; jurisdiction; contents of animal control ordinance.
Section 287.289b Section County animal control officers; employment standards.
Section 287.289c Section Municipal animal control officers; employment standards.
Section 287.290 Section Municipal animal control ordinances; certificate of vaccination.