MCL - Act 59 of 1864 (Ex. Sess.)


Act 59 of 1864 (Ex. Sess.)

AN ACT to repeal chapter 122 of the Revised Statutes of 1846, and the amendments thereto, and provide for the collection of demands against water-craft.

History: 1864, Ex. Sess., Act 59, Eff. May 7, 1864

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 570.401 Section Repeal; saving clause.
Section 570.402 Section Liens upon certain watercraft for certain debts.
Section 570.403 Section Complaint; filing, jurisdiction of courts in certain counties.
Section 570.404 Section Warrant, summons; issuance, contents, return date.
Section 570.405 Section Warrant; execution by sheriff.
Section 570.406 Section Warrant; return.
Section 570.407 Section Warrant; number against same craft, limitation.
Section 570.408 Section Notice on return of warrant; publication.
Section 570.409 Section Warrant; contents.
Section 570.410 Section Intervening complaints; rights, summons.
Section 570.411 Section Intervening complaints; time for filing.
Section 570.412 Section Liens not filed before sale; cessation.
Section 570.413 Section Writ of restitution; application, issuance.
Section 570.414 Section Bond on restitution; conditions, sureties.
Section 570.415 Section Bond on restitution; notice of application; sureties, justification and examination.
Section 570.416 Section Motion for additional security.
Section 570.417 Section Order of appraisement; issuance of writ of restitution; court order for sale to prevent loss.
Section 570.418 Section Writ of restitution; issuance by clerk upon receipt of security, discharge from lien.
Section 570.419 Section Entry of appearance; notice, default.
Section 570.420 Section Answer or demurrer; time for filing, effect of answer.
Section 570.421 Section Interrogation; appended to pleadings, filing; answer.
Section 570.422 Section Pleadings subsequent to answer; amended complaint.
Section 570.423 Section Exceptions to answer.
Section 570.424 Section Trial or hearing; notice.
Section 570.425 Section Trial or hearing; jury trial, demand.
Section 570.426 Section Evidence; taking by attorney or commissioner, report to court.
Section 570.427 Section Admiralty principles; applicability.
Section 570.428 Section Judgment for complainant; in personna.
Section 570.429 Section Judgment for complainant; in rem.
Section 570.430 Section Sale of craft; writ.
Section 570.431 Section Sale of craft; duty of sheriff.
Section 570.432 Section Sale of craft; bill of sale, contents, use as evidence, effect on title.
Section 570.433 Section Sale of craft; distribution of proceeds.
Section 570.434 Section Sale of craft; distribution of surplus.
Section 570.435 Section Sale of craft; payment of claims based on subsequent decree or appeal.
Section 570.436 Section Appeal to supreme court; claim, bond.
Section 570.437 Section Appeal to supreme court; transcript of record.
Section 570.438 Section Appeal to supreme court; hearing de novo.
Section 570.439 Section Appeal to supreme court; jurisdiction, acquisition, taking of testimony.
Section 570.440 Section Appeal to supreme court; order.
Section 570.441 Section Appeal to supreme court; judgment on order.
Section 570.442 Section Fees; clerk, sheriff, attorney.
Section 570.443 Section Rules of practice.
Section 570.444 Section Proceedings upon cases arising in other states.
Section 570.445 Section Enforcement of lien; time limitation, effect of bona fide purchase of craft.
Section 570.446 Section Costs; security; taxation, appeal.
Section 570.447 Section Proceedings and practice; depositions, writs, costs.
Section 570.448 Section Record of proceedings; fee for certifying copies.
Section 570.449 Section Clerk of recorder's court; bond.