MCL - Act 81 of 1903


Act 81 of 1903

AN ACT to provide for the care and preservation of cemetery lots.

History: 1903, Act 81, Eff. Sept. 17, 1903

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 128.81 Section Cemetery lots; deposit for care with county treasurer.
Section 128.81a Section Deposit of money after June 30, 2018.
Section 128.82 Section Investment of money deposited under MCL 128.81.
Section 128.83 Section Transfer of earnings on investment; purpose.
Section 128.84 Section Repealed. 2018, Act 8, Eff. June 30, 2018.
Section 128.85 Section Treasurer's bond; increase.
Section 128.86 Section Annual report on money deposited, invested, and expended.
Section 128.87 Section Cemetery deposits; county liability.
Section 128.88 Section Cemetery deposits; tax exempt.
Section 128.89 Section Transfer of money after June 30, 2018; inability to identify location of cemetery or cemetery lot; certification of abandoned legal interests or rights; presumption; requirements; record of certification.
Section 128.90 Section Definitions.