MCL - Constitution-I

Article I
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Article I § 1 Section Political power.
Article I § 2 Section Equal protection; discrimination.
Article I § 3 Section Assembly, consultation, instruction, petition.
Article I § 4 Section Freedom of worship and religious belief; appropriations.
Article I § 5 Section Freedom of speech and of press.
Article I § 6 Section Bearing of arms.
Article I § 7 Section Military power subordinate to civil power.
Article I § 8 Section Quartering of soldiers.
Article I § 9 Section Slavery and involuntary servitude.
Article I § 10 Section Attainder; ex post facto laws; impairment of contracts.
Article I § 11 Section Searches and seizures.
Article I § 12 Section Habeas corpus.
Article I § 13 Section Conduct of suits in person or by counsel.
Article I § 14 Section Jury trials.
Article I § 15 Section Double jeopardy; bailable offenses; commencement of trial if bail denied; bail hearing; effective date.
Article I § 16 Section Bail; fines; punishments; detention of witnesses.
Article I § 17 Section Self-incrimination; due process of law; fair treatment at investigations.
Article I § 18 Section Witnesses; competency, religious beliefs.
Article I § 19 Section Libels, truth as defense.
Article I § 20 Section Rights of accused in criminal prosecutions.
Article I § 21 Section Imprisonment for debt.
Article I § 22 Section Treason; definition, evidence.
Article I § 23 Section Enumeration of rights not to deny others.
Article I § 24 Section Rights of crime victims; enforcement; assessment against convicted defendants.
Article I § 25 Section Marriage.
Article I § 26 Section Affirmative action programs.
Article I § 27 Section Human embryo and embryonic stem cell research.
Article I § 28 Section Right to reproductive freedom.