MCL - Initiated Law of 1982


Initiated Law of 1982

History: 1982, Initiated Law, Eff. Dec. 3, 1982
Compiler's Notes: This initiated law was submitted to and approved by the people at the general election held on November 2, 1982, and took effect on December 3, 1982, pursuant to Mich. Const. Art. 2, § 9. In a letter opinion addressed to Richard H. Austin, Secretary of State, dated September 1, 1982, the Attorney General declared that “it is my opinion that the initiative proposal [for mutual nuclear weapons freeze] is for the enactment of a law and is in substantial compliance with Const. 1963, Art. 2, § 9.”

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 3.851 Section Finding and declarations.
Section 3.852 Section Text of transmittal.