MCL - Act 199 of 1996


Act 199 of 1996

AN ACT to define, develop, and regulate aquaculture as an agricultural enterprise in this state; to provide powers and duties of certain state agencies and departments; and to provide for certain penalties and remedies.

History: 1996, Act 199, Eff. Aug. 16, 1996

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 286.871 Section Short title.
Section 286.872 Section Definitions.
Section 286.873 Section Administration of act; assistance by department.
Section 286.874 Section Aquaculture as agricultural enterprise; products as property of aquaculturist; riparian rights for water diversion; exemption from certain restrictions; limitations on authority of aquaculturist; genetically engineered variant.
Section 286.875 Section Approved species for aquaculture production; list.
Section 286.876 Section Registration required; exceptions; records; documentation.
Section 286.877 Section Initial application; submission; inspection; issuance of registration or permit; denial; notice; second inspection; hearing; return of registration or permit fee prohibited; contents of permit; renewal application; modification of permit.
Section 286.878 Section Research of aquaculture species not on approved list; research permit; approval of protocol.
Section 286.879 Section Inspection of facilities by department; access; conduct; conditions.
Section 286.880 Section Prohibited conduct.
Section 286.881 Section Failure to comply with act or rules; authority of department to deny, suspend, revoke, or limit registration or permit; conduct of proceeding.
Section 286.882 Section Rules.
Section 286.883 Section Violation as misdemeanor; penalty; costs; attorney fees; authority of director; actions brought by attorney general or director.
Section 286.884 Section Effective date.