MCL - Act 220 of 1935


Act 220 of 1935

AN ACT to provide family home care for children committed to the care of the state, to create the Michigan children's institute under the control of the Michigan social welfare commission, to prescribe the powers and duties thereof, and to provide penalties for violations of certain provisions of this act.

History: 1935, Act 220, Imd. Eff. June 8, 1935 ;-- Am. 1944, 1st Ex. Sess., Act 8, Imd. Eff. Feb. 19, 1944 ;-- Am. 1955, Act 220, Eff. Oct. 14, 1955

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 400.201 Section Michigan children's institute; creation; transfer of records and property from state public school.
Section 400.202 Section Children's institute; control by social welfare commission; superintendent, officers and employees.
Section 400.203 Section Provisions for admission of child under 17 to Michigan children's institute.
Section 400.204 Section Michigan children's institute; commitment order; transportation; expense; communication with child's attorney.
Section 400.205 Section Committed children; placement in private home, investigation, court order.
Section 400.206 Section Committed children; temporary residential facilities.
Section 400.207 Section Rules for maintenance, health, instruction, and training of children; liability for cost of child's care; superintendent as authorized agent; receipt and disposition of donation, grant, or personal property; investments; crediting earnings; expenditures; requisition from trust fund; utilization of county facilities; services of voluntary organization; enforcement of rules; cancellation of agreement; restoration of child to parent or relative; assistance to parent or relative; licensed boarding home; expense; reimbursement; investigation; report.
Section 400.208 Section Committed children; return to home county.
Section 400.209 Section Committed children; adoption, marriage, guardianship, or emancipation; consent by superintendent; authorization to allow child to hunt game; preliminary consent denial review process.
Section 400.210 Section Committed children; application for removal from institute, procedure; visitation to homes.
Section 400.211 Section Preservation of records; confidentiality.
Section 400.212 Section Repealed. 1955, Act 220, Eff. Oct. 14, 1955.
Section 400.213 Section Construction of act; severing clause.
Section 400.214 Section Aiding child to escape; penalty.
Section 400.215, 400.216 Section Repealed. 1955, Act 220, Eff. Oct. 14, 1955.