MCL - Act 273 of 1917


Act 273 of 1917

AN ACT to regulate and license pawnbrokers that conduct business in this state; to provide for the disposition of allegedly misappropriated property in the possession of pawnbrokers; to provide remedies and prescribe penalties; and to provide for the powers and duties of certain local governmental units and state agencies.

History: 1917, Act 273, Eff. Aug. 10, 1917 ;-- Am. 2002, Act 469, Imd. Eff. June 21, 2002 ;-- Am. 2018, Act 345, Eff. Jan. 14, 2019

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 446.201 Section Pawnbrokers; license required; exception; internet drop-off store exempt from licensure.
Section 446.202 Section Licenses; issuance; contents; term; transferability; fee; bond; limitations.
Section 446.203 Section Definitions.
Section 446.204 Section Licensed pawnbroker; action upon bond.
Section 446.205 Section Record of property received; contents; inspection; form of permanent record.
Section 446.206 Section Statement to police of articles received; contents.
Section 446.207 Section Repealed. 1980, Act 199, Imd. Eff. July 10, 1980.
Section 446.208 Section Purchaser's memorandum of pawn; contents.
Section 446.209 Section Interest on loans; rate; storage charge; time of payment; computation; fee or excess charge prohibited.
Section 446.210 Section Title to item; sale of pledged or pawned item; time of possession.
Section 446.211 Section Payment or tender of debt before sale; effect as to title and right to property; agreement to permit pawner to maintain possession.
Section 446.212 Section Misappropriated property; effect of written hold order; delivery of property to person claiming ownership; return of property to pawnbroker; liability; "appropriate law enforcement official" defined.
Section 446.213 Section Pawned property; destruction or defacing unlawful; visibility of serial number or insignia.
Section 446.214 Section Pawned property; acceptance from certain persons prohibited.
Section 446.216 Section Bond of complainant; amount, surety.
Section 446.217 Section Transaction of business on Sunday unlawful.
Section 446.218 Section Violation of act; penalty.
Section 446.219 Section Violation of act; revocation of license; duration.