MCL - Act 283 of 1964


Act 283 of 1964

AN ACT to regulate and provide standards for weights and measures, and the packaging and advertising of certain commodities; to provide for a state director and other officials and to prescribe their powers and duties; to provide a fee system for certain inspections and tests; to provide penalties for fraud and deception in the use of false weights and measures and other violations; and to repeal certain acts and parts of acts.

History: 1964, Act 283, Eff. Aug. 28, 1964 ;-- Am. 1975, Act 217, Imd. Eff. Aug. 26, 1975

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 290.601 Section Short title.
Section 290.602 Section Definitions.
Section 290.603 Section Recognized systems of weights and measures; use; recognized definitions, tables, and equivalents governing equipment and transactions.
Section 290.604 Section State reference standards of weights and measures; storage; maintenance; removal from laboratory; use.
Section 290.605 Section Keeping copies of state primary standards as secondary standards; field standards and equipment; verification.
Section 290.606 Section State director of weights and measures; deputy; inspectors.
Section 290.607 Section Custody and records of standards and equipment; enforcement of act; general supervision; annual report.
Section 290.608 Section Rules; exemptions.
Section 290.609 Section State director of weights and measures; testing of standards, inspections; testing of weights and measures for state purchases.
Section 290.609a Section Weighing device; measuring device; certificates of conformance; participating laboratory.
Section 290.609b Section Servicepersons and agencies; registration requirements; fee; denial, suspension, or revocation of registration; enforcement action.
Section 290.610 Section State director of weights and measures; inspecting and testing of weights and measures kept for sale or used commercially; sampling.
Section 290.610a Section Inspection fee; fees and expenses for special services; disposition of monies.
Section 290.610b Section Fee schedules.
Section 290.611 Section State director of weights and measures; investigation of complaints; commercial transactions.
Section 290.612 Section State director of weights and measures; weight, measurement, or inspection of packages of commodities, sampling procedures.
Section 290.613 Section State director of weights and measures; stop-use orders, stop-removal orders, removal orders.
Section 290.614 Section State director of weights and measures; approval, rejection, condemnation, confiscation.
Section 290.615 Section State director of weights and measures; enforcement, seizure without formal warrant.
Section 290.616 Section State director of weights and measures; powers of deputy director and inspectors.
Section 290.617 Section Sealer of weights and measures, deputy sealers, supervising inspectors, city and county inspectors; appointment.
Section 290.618 Section Sealer of weights and measures, deputy sealers, supervising inspectors, city and county inspectors; jurisdiction; city or county ordinances.
Section 290.619 Section City and county official standards; comparison with state standards.
Section 290.620 Section Joint county and city weights and measures jurisdiction; powers.
Section 290.621 Section State director of weights and measures; concurrent enforcement powers.
Section 290.622 Section Rejected or condemned weights and measures; disposition.
Section 290.623 Section Commodities, liquid, nonliquid, measurement; exceptions.
Section 290.624 Section Package labels; contents; allowable variations.
Section 290.625 Section Package labels; random weights, measures or counts, additional declarations.
Section 290.626 Section Packages; misleading wrappers.
Section 290.627 Section Packages; advertisement, declaration of quantity.
Section 290.628 Section Commodities; sale by weight, net weight.
Section 290.628a Section Meat, meat products, poultry and seafood sold by weight; food combination sold by weight, quantity representation by total weight of product or combination.
Section 290.628b Section Commodity or service; sale by weight, measure or count; misrepresentation; display of price including fraction of a cent.
Section 290.628c Section Commodity sale; method; packaging and labeling requirements; cottage food operation; certificate of conformance; compliance standards; registration for servicepersons and agencies; "ton" and "gross ton" defined; motor vehicle repair facility.
Section 290.628d Section Gross weight of vehicle or truck tractor with multiple trailers; determination; scale; inapplicability of section to enforcement of vehicle weight under Michigan vehicle code.
Section 290.628e Section Sale of motor fuel at roadside retail location; advertising; use of proprietary fuel name.
Section 290.628f Section Pump with scanning device for reading customer payment card; security measure required; notice of noncompliance; failure to make correction; prohibition; definitions.
Section 290.629 Section Assaulting, inflicting bodily injury upon, hindering, or obstructing certain persons in performance of official duties as misdemeanor; penalties.
Section 290.630 Section Impersonation of officers.
Section 290.631 Section Prohibited acts; penalties; fines; closure of facility; inspection; consent order; disposition of fines or recovered amounts.
Section 290.631a Section Consent agreement; proceeding; action by attorney general; civil fines.
Section 290.632 Section Temporary restraining order; preliminary or permanent injunction.
Section 290.633 Section Proof of existence of weight, measure or device; presumption.
Section 290.634 Section Repeal.
Section 290.635 Section Rescission of R 285.559.