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Legislative Session(s): 2013-2014
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HJR AA of 2013 House Joint Resolution Local government; other; donation of property that is not needed for public purposes; allow. Amends the state constitution by adding secs. 17a & 26a to art. VII.
Last Action: printed joint resolution filed 12/05/2013
SB 0035 of 2013
(PA 0188 of 2013)
Senate Bill Cities; other; failure to pay civil fine and costs imposed by a city administrative hearings bureau; penalize under certain circumstances. Amends sec. 4q of 1909 PA 279 (MCL 117.4q).
Last Action: ASSIGNED PA 0188'13
SB 0258 of 2013 Senate Bill Elections; scheduling; city changing its regular election schedule to the even year general election; clarify. Amends secs. 642 & 642a of 1954 PA 116 (MCL 168.642 & 168.642a).
SB 0331 of 2013 Senate Bill Local government; other; local financial stability and choice act; repeal. Repeals 2012 PA 436 (MCL 141.1541 - 141.1575).
HB 4299 of 2013
(PA 118 of 2013)
House Bill Natural resources; other; counties eligible to authorize off-road vehicles on road shoulders; extend to entire state and eliminate sunset. Amends sec. 81131 of 1994 PA 451 (MCL 324.81131).
Last Action: assigned PA 118'13 with immediate effect
HB 4316 of 2013 House Bill Libraries; local; population requirement for a petition asking that a tax be levied for the establishment and maintenance of a free public library; revise. Amends secs. 10 & 10a of 1877 PA 164 (MCL 397.210 & 397.210a).
Last Action: printed bill filed 02/27/2013
HB 4494 of 2013 House Bill Local government; other; ability to charge for sewer tap-in fees; modify. Amends 1978 PA 368 (MCL 333.1101 - 333.25211) by adding sec. 12755.
Last Action: printed bill filed 04/10/2013
HB 4542 of 2013 House Bill Liquor; licenses; distribution of village liquor licenses under certain circumstances; provide for. Amends secs. 531 & 533 of 1998 PA 58 (MCL 436.1531 & 436.1533).
Last Action: printed bill filed 04/12/2013
SB 0969 of 2014 Senate Bill Civil procedure; other; public nuisances; allow a city, township, or village attorney to bring an action. Amends sec. 3805 of 1961 PA 236 (MCL 600.3805).
Last Action: referred to second reading
SB 1125 of 2014
(PA 0422 of 2014)
Senate Bill Cemeteries and funerals; other; endowment and perpetual care fund; allow municipalities to establish as a component of a community foundation fund. Amends title & sec. 3 of 1937 PA 215 (MCL 128.3) & adds sec. 4.
HB 5381 of 2014 House Bill Local government; other; local governments awarding contracts to vendors that made political contributions in the previous 12-month period; prohibit. Creates new act.
Last Action: printed bill filed 03/05/2014
HB 5460 of 2014
(PA 473 of 2014)
House Bill Highways; construction and repair; replacement warranties on road repairs; modify, and extend warranty requirement to local road agencies. Amends secs. 9b, 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14 of 1951 PA 51 (MCL 247.659b et seq.). TIE BAR WITH: HJR UU'14
Last Action: assigned PA 473'14 with immediate effect 2014 ADDENDA