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Legislative Session(s): 2015-2016
Detailed Category: Communications: telecommunications
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SB 0399 of 2015 Senate Bill Counties; boards and commissions; permit fee required for a government entity or telecommunication provider working within a county right-of-way; clarify limits, and clarify bonding and insurance requirements for telecommunication providers working within a county right-of-way. Amends sec. 19b, ch. IV of 1909 PA 283 (MCL 224.19b).
Last Action: referred to second reading
HB 4291 of 2015 House Bill Environmental protection; recycling; consumer electronic waste; expand to include cellular telephones and tablet computers. Amends secs. 17301, 17305, 17307 & 17309 of 1994 PA 451 (MCL 324.17301 et seq.) & repeals sec. 17313 of 1994 PA 451 (MCL 324.17313).
Last Action: printed bill filed 03/05/2015
SB 0878 of 2016
(PA 0244 of 2016)
Senate Bill Communications; emergency 9-1-1; certain requirements of multiline telephone systems to identify the specific location of 9-1-1 calls; modify implementation date. Amends sec. 405 of 1986 PA 32 (MCL 484.1405).
HB 5676 of 2016 House Bill Communications; telecommunications; video service providers; require to file certain information with the public service commission. Amends sec. 12 of 2006 PA 480 (MCL 484.3312).
Last Action: bill electronically reproduced 05/19/2016
HB 5946 of 2016 House Bill Property tax; exemptions; eligible broadband equipment; exempt from personal property tax. Amends 1893 PA 206 (MCL 211.1 - 211.155) by adding sec. 9p.
Last Action: per Rule 41 referred to Committee on Communications and Technology