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Document Type(s): Bills
Legislative Session(s): 2015-2016
Detailed Category: State agencies (proposed): other
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HJR J of 2015 House Joint Resolution Administrative procedure; rules; expiration; provide for expiration of rules and executive reorganizations after set time. Amends the state constitution by adding sec. 31, art. V.
Last Action: printed joint resolution filed 03/06/2015
SB 0522 of 2015
(PA 0470 of 2016)
Senate Bill Natural resources; other; Michigan historical center act; create. Creates new act & repeals 1913 PA 271 (MCL 399.1 - 399.10).
Last Action: ASSIGNED PA 0470'16
HB 5701 of 2016
(PA 245 of 2016)
House Bill State financing and management; purchasing; sale of certain state transportation department equipment; require to offer to local units of government first. Amends sec. 267 of 1984 PA 431 (MCL 18.1267).
Last Action: assigned PA 245'16 with immediate effect
HB 5937 of 2016 House Bill Economic development; other; small business and entrepreneurship services office; create. Creates new act.
Last Action: bill electronically reproduced 09/22/2016