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Legislative Session(s): 2019-2020
Detailed Category: Businesses: associations
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HB 4048 of 2019 House Bill Businesses: nonprofit corporations; merger or conversion into nonprofit corporations; authorize for summer resort and park associations. Amends sec. 123 of 1982 PA 162 (MCL 450.2123). TIE BAR WITH: HB 4049'19
Last Action: re-referred to Committee on Commerce and Tourism
HB 4049 of 2019 House Bill Businesses: associations; merger or conversion of summer resort and park association into nonprofit corporations; authorize. Amends 1897 PA 230 (MCL 455.1 - 455.24) by adding sec. 19. TIE BAR WITH: HB 4048'19
Last Action: re-referred to Committee on Commerce and Tourism
SB 1054 of 2020 Senate Bill Businesses: associations; summer resort and parks associations; modify. Amends title & secs. 3, 9, 10 & 23 of 1897 PA 230 (MCL 455.3 et seq.).
Last Action: referred to Committee on Local Government and Municipal Finance
HB 6069 of 2020 House Bill Businesses: associations; certain references in the incorporation of summer resort owners act; make gender neutral. Amends sec. 8 of 1929 PA 137 (MCL 455.208).
Last Action: bill electronically reproduced 08/06/2020