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Legislative Session(s): 2019-2020
Detailed Category: Health: medical examiners
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HB 4124 of 2019 House Bill Counties; employees and officers; limitation on individuals serving as medical examiner investigators; revise for counties with populations of 50,000 or less. Amends sec. 5 of 1953 PA 181 (MCL 52.205).
Last Action: bill electronically reproduced 02/05/2019
HB 6499 of 2020 House Bill Health: medical examiners; conditions for use of virtual autopsy by medical examiner; allow under certain circumstances. Amends secs. 2 & 5 of 1953 PA 181 (MCL 52.202 & 52.205) & adds sec. 5b.
Last Action: bill electronically reproduced 12/02/2020