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Legislative Session(s): 2023-2024
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HR 0116 of 2023 House Resolution A resolution to declare June 2023 as Dairy Month in the state of Michigan.
Last Action: adopted
HB 4104 of 2023 House Bill Health: other; certain medical decisions by patient under age of 16 without consent of parent or guardian; prohibit under certain circumstances. Creates new act.
Last Action: bill electronically reproduced 02/15/2023
HB 4333 of 2023 House Bill Food: cottage food operation; certain requirements for cottage food operations and cottage food products; modify. Amends secs. 1105, 1111 & 4102 of 2000 PA 92 (MCL 289.1105 et seq.).
Last Action: bill electronically reproduced 03/23/2023
HB 4581 of 2023 House Bill Labor: organizations; bargaining representatives; require to receive majority vote every year. Amends 1939 PA 176 (MCL 423.1 - 423.30) by adding sec. 29a.
Last Action: bill electronically reproduced 05/16/2023
HB 5381 of 2023 House Bill Torts: premises liability; governmental agencies that maintain weapon-free zones; impose liability. Amends 1964 PA 170 (MCL 691.1401 - 691.1419) by adding sec. 6b. TIE BAR WITH: HB 5377'23
Last Action: bill electronically reproduced 11/14/2023
HB 5578 of 2024 House Bill Occupations: plumbers; providing plumbing services while serving as local inspector; allow. Amends secs. 1111 & 1123 of 2016 PA 407 (MCL 339.6111 & 339.6123).
Last Action: bill electronically reproduced 03/14/2024
HB 5725 of 2024 House Bill Civil rights: open meetings; members of a public body meeting as a board of a prepaid inpatient health plan; authorize remote meeting participation in certain circumstances. Amends sec. 3a of 1976 PA 267 (MCL 15.263a).
Last Action: bill electronically reproduced 05/15/2024