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Public Act Number: 175
Public Act Year: 2015
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 247.651j Section Road innovation task force; purpose; report; availability of report to public; update of finalized report; deposit of amount into state treasury; roads innovation fund; creation; investment; interest and earnings; money remaining in fund at close of fiscal year; expenditure; 1-time concurrent resolution.
Section 247.660 Section Michigan transportation fund; establishment; use of appropriated money; programs; allocation to transportation economic development fund; establishment of local bridge fund and regional bridge councils; distribution and allocation of money; report; rules; selection of bridge projects for funding; availability of list to interested parties; implementation of bridge project by county road commission, city, or village.
Section 247.661 Section State trunk line fund; separate fund; appropriation; purposes; order of priority; expenditures; borrowing by local road agency; deductions; approval; notice; borrowing by state transportation commission; procedures for implementation and administration of loan program; expenditure for administrative expenses; conduct of performance audits; contracts not subject to revised municipal finance act; annual report listing warranties; definitions.
Section 247.662 Section Return to county treasurers of amount distributed to county road commissions; manner, purposes, terms, and conditions; statewide purchasing pools; expenditures; urban routes; certification concerning average annual debt service requirements for bonds or notes; representation of charter county in certain transactions; expenditure for administrative expenses; conduct of performance audits; pavement warranties; permissible county expenditures.
Section 247.663 Section Return of distribution to city and village treasurers; manner, purpose, and conditions; audits; pavement warranties; permissible city or village expenditures; definitions.
Section 247.664 Section Biennial primary road and major street programs; separate accounts; records; annual report; expenditures for administration, engineering, and record keeping; noncompliance; responsibility of state for local county road support; additional funds.