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Public Act Number: 187
Public Act Year: 2022
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 333.20102 Section Definitions; A.
Section 333.20104 Section Definitions; C to G.
Section 333.20155 Section Visit to health facility or agency; survey and evaluation for purpose of licensure; nursing home surveyor; criminal history check; survey team; composition and membership; waiver; confidentiality of accreditation information; limitation and effect; consultation engineering survey; summary of substantial noncompliance or deficiencies and response; investigations or inspections; prior notice as misdemeanor; periodic reports; access to documents; disclosure; delegation of functions; voluntary inspections; forwarding evidence of violation to licensing agency; quarterly meeting; nursing home's survey report; posting; other state and federal law.
Section 333.20161 Section Fees and assessments for health facility and agency licenses and certificates of need; schedule; fees; use of quality assurance assessment; tax levy; notification to ambulance operation; definitions.
Section 333.20164 Section Duration of license or certification; license, certification, or certificate of need nontransferable; transfer of ownership or ownership interest; notice; application for license and certification.
Section 333.20171 Section Rules implementing article; rules promulgated under MCL 333.21563; rules subject to MCL 554.917.
Section 333.21734 Section Nursing home; bed rails; provisions; peer-reviewed, evidence-based, best-practice resources; liability.
Section 333.21763 Section Access to nursing home patients; purposes; requirements; termination of visit; confidentiality; complaint; determination; prohibited entry.
Section 333.21764 Section Approval or disapproval of nonprofit corporation rendering assistance without charge.
Section 333.21771 Section Abusing, mistreating, or neglecting patient; reports; investigation; retaliation prohibited; exception to report requirement.
Section 333.21794 Section Use of dining assistant to provide feeding assistance to nursing home patient.
Section 333.21799b Section Noncompliance; notice of finding; correction notices; hearing; verification of compliance; investigation; action; definitions; annual report; presumption.
Section 333.22101 Section Definitions.
Section 333.22102 Section Administration of certification process; conflict of laws.
Section 333.22103 Section Quality assurance monitoring process; surveys for certification; survey teams; quality assurance monitor; responsibilities.
Section 333.22105 Section Limitation on number of nursing home surveyors; exception; length of standard survey.
Section 333.22107 Section Departmental responsibilities; standard surveys; plan of corrections; revisits; letter of compliance.
Section 333.22109 Section Deficient practices; reevaluations.
Section 333.22111 Section Issuance of citations for immediate jeopardy or substandard qualify of care; notification.
Section 333.22113 Section Desk review of citations.
Section 333.22115 Section Citations; informal dispute resolution process.
Section 333.22117 Section Statewide reporting requirements for facility-reported incidents.
Section 333.22119 Section Annual report to legislature.
Section 333.22121 Section Implementation of progressive discretionary enforcement actions.