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Public Act Number: 224
Public Act Year: 2023
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 380.1249.amended Section Performance evaluation system for teachers and school administrators; collective bargaining; requirements; posting information about evaluation tools on public website; establishment and maintenance of list of teacher evaluation tools; rules; rater reliability training; "student learning objectives" and "teacher" defined.
Section 380.1249a.amended Section Assignment of pupil to teacher rated as ineffective or needing support; notification; exception for review process.
Section 380.1249b.amended Section Performance evaluation system for school administrators; requirements; posting information about measures used for performance evaluation; establishment and maintenance of list of school administrator evaluation tools; rules; "student learning objectives" defined.
Section 380.1280f.amended Section Grade 3; English language arts proficiency; assessment; duties of school district or public school academy board; pupils exhibiting reading deficiency; reading intervention programs; summer reading camps; limitation; staffing plan; federal funds; English language learners; additional intervention services; definitions.