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Public Act Number: 229
Public Act Year: 2020
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 421.17 Section Nonchargeable benefits account; experience account; pooling of contributions; credits; exception during COVID-19 pandemic only.
Section 421.27 Section Payment of benefits; extension of benefits subject to appropriation.
Section 421.28 Section Eligibility to receive benefits; conditions; waiver extension for extended layoff in 2021.
Section 421.28c Section Shared-work plan; application; requirements; manner; contents; approval of more than 1 plan.
Section 421.28d Section Shared-work plan; approval by unemployment agency; requirements; reduction percentage.
Section 421.29 Section Disqualification from benefits; exception during COVID-19 pandemic.
Section 421.32 Section Claims for benefits; examination; determination; notice.
Section 421.32c Section Reconsideration of claims filed after March 15, 2020; prohibited solely on applicability of executive order.
Section 421.32d Section Unemployment agency; hiring new employees; limitation.
Section 421.48 Section "Unemployed" explained; amounts considered wages or remuneration; leave of absence; elected layoff; COVID-19 absence.
Section 421.64 Section Payment of extended benefits.