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Public Act Number: 25
Public Act Year: 2024
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 333.2822.amended Section Individuals required to report live birth occurring in state; "surrender" defined.
Section 333.2824.amended Section Registering name of spouse as parent of child; registering surname of child; consent; acknowledgment of parentage; designating surname of child; entering name of other parent and surname of child on birth certificate; other parent not named on birth registration; reference to legitimacy or illegitimacy prohibited.
Section 333.2831.amended Section New certificate of birth; establishment; requirements.
Section 333.2832.amended Section New certificate of birth; actual place and date of birth to be shown; substitution for original certificate; inspection; restoration of original certificate upon notice of annulment or rescission of adoption; preparing new certificate on delayed birth certificate form; sealing or forwarding original certificate.
Section 333.2891.amended Section Search for vital record; request; fee; official statement if record not located; verification of identity; fees for search, establishment, or registration; furnishing copies without charge; fees for creation of new vital records and corrections of vital records; additional fees; disposition of fees; system of fees for local registrars; vital records fund; "central issuance system" defined.