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Public Act Number: 252
Public Act Year: 2013
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 169.204 Section "Contribution" defined.
Section 169.206 Section "Expenditure" defined.
Section 169.226 Section Campaign statement of committee other than political party committee; contents; report; list of expenditures; bundled contribution; separate segregated fund reporting requirements.
Section 169.233 Section Campaign statements; filing schedule; report on expenditures; form; late filing fee; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; prohibitions; filing incomplete or inaccurate statement or report; civil fine; failure to file campaign statements; violation as felony; seizure and forfeiture of money; inventory statement of money seized; notice; hearing; decision; appeal; commencement of action.
Section 169.246 Section Adjustments to dollar value floor and contribution limits; "consumer price index" defined.
Section 169.247 Section Printed matter or radio or television paid advertisement having reference to election, candidate, or ballot question; name and address; identification or disclaimer; size and placement; rules; exemption; statement that payment made "with regulated funds"; communication exempted under section 6(2)(j); violation as misdemeanor; penalty; prerecorded telephone message; artificial intelligence.
Section 169.252 Section Limitations on contributions to candidate committee; contribution from candidate's immediate family; contribution for particular election cycle; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; contributions made by political or independent committees established by corporation, joint stock company, domestic dependent sovereign, or labor organization; bundled contributions.
Section 169.252a Section Contribution to house political party caucus committee or senate political party caucus committee; limitation; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 169.255 Section Segregated fund for political purposes; establishment by connected organization; limitations; solicitation of contributions; prohibited practices; contribution to separate segregated fund; disproportionate in-kind contributions for prizes; violation; penalty; exception; definitions.
Section 169.269 Section Limitations on contributions for election cycle; "immediate family" defined; determination of election cycle beginning and ending; notices; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; bundled contributions.