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Public Act Number: 295
Public Act Year: 2020
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 28.722 Section Definitions.
Section 28.723a Section Hearing to determine if individual exempt from registration.
Section 28.724 Section Registration; procedures.
Section 28.724a Section Status report to registering authority; requirements; reports; written documentation; exception.
Section 28.725 Section Conditions requiring individual to report in person and provide notice to registering authority; release of incarcerated individual; notice; compliance; removal upon expungement.
Section 28.725a Section Notice to registered individual; explanation of duties; reporting requirements; homeless exception.
Section 28.727 Section Registration information; format; fee; requirements; forwarding registration, notice, and verification information to Federal Bureau of Investigation, local agencies, and other registering jurisdictions.
Section 28.728 Section Law enforcement database; information to be contained for each registered individual; public internet website; compilation; availability; removal.
Section 28.729 Section Registration required; violations; penalties.