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Public Act Number: 295
Public Act Year: 2023
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 710.67 Section Disposition of adoption records; copying or inspecting records; petition; notice and hearing; granting or denying petition; disclosing names of biological or adoptive parents; certified copy of new birth certificate; powers and duties of children's ombudsman.
Section 710.68 Section Nonidentifying and identifying information; request; availability; release; request for adoption record information; identity of court or child placing agency; counseling; list of adoption support groups; transmitting information of medical or genetic condition; return of information undelivered; placement of information in adoption files; releasing or transmitting copies; information returned undelivered; notice to department of community health; sealing original and preparing new birth certificate; release of identifying information as misdemeanor; adoptions to which section applicable; "adult adoptee" defined; fees; waiver; powers and duties of children's ombudsman.
Section 712A.19b Section Termination of parental rights to child; petition; hearing; record; findings; opinion or order; notice of hearing; suspension of parenting time; grounds for termination; "concerned person" defined.