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Public Act Number: 5
Public Act Year: 2013
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 500.2213b Section Renewal or continuation of policy; modification; guaranteed renewal; discontinuing plan or product in nongroup or group market; short-term or 1-time limited duration policy or certificate; reports.
Section 500.2242 Section Group disability policy; filing and approval of form; grounds for disapproval; notice, hearing, and appeal requirements; withdrawal of approval; quarterly filing; applicability of section to forms filed by nonprofit dental corporation.
Section 500.3405a Section Use of most favored nation clause.
Section 500.3426 Section Offer of wellness coverage by insurer.
Section 500.3428 Section Provider network.
Section 500.3472 Section Open enrollment period; prohibitions; establishment of reasonable periods for health insurance policies; minimum standards for frequency and duration of open enrollment periods; denial of coverage.
Section 500.3474a Section Premium rate after January 1, 2014; basis; factors.
Section 500.3705 Section Geographic areas; adjustment and determination of premiums; conditions; additional premium; small employer; rating factors.
Section 500.3712 Section Decision to discontinue plan in geographic area.
Section 500.5008 Section Articles of incorporation; blank forms; subscribing in duplicate; contents; permissible provisions; liability of director; certificate of acknowledgment.
Section 500.5104 Section Organizing stock insurer or mutual insurer; purpose; domestic stock insurer owned by nonprofit health care corporation as acquiring insurer; limitation on transaction.
Section 500.5209 Section Insurer's name; restrictions.
Section 500.5800 Section Applicability of chapter.
Section 500.5801 Section Formation of domestic mutual insurer; nonprofit status; powers of nonprofit mutual disability insurer; limitation.
Section 500.5805 Section Merger of nonprofit health care corporation with nonprofit mutual disability insurer.
Section 500.5824 Section Voting rights of members; administrative services agreements.
Section 500.5825 Section Rights or interests of member of nonprofit mutual disability insurer; dissolution or winding up of nonprofit mutual disability insurer; distribution and administration of residual value; conditions requiring payments to Michigan health endowment fund; determination by independent valuation; "beneficially own" defined.
Section 500.5826 Section Offering health care benefits to residents regardless of health status.