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Public Act Number: 52
Public Act Year: 2014
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 484.2103 Section Construction of act; database of licensed providers; submission of information.
Section 484.2304 Section Local call; adjacent area; classification; total service long run incremental cost of provider with less than 10,000 end-users.
Section 484.2310 Section Rates for toll access services; intrastate switched toll access rate; restructuring mechanism; establishment; administration; report; size; mandatory monthly contributions; modifications to size, operation, or composition of restructuring mechanism; proceedings; disputes; resolution; enforcement; information to be provided by providers; definitions.
Section 484.2313 Section Discontinuance of service.
Section 484.2317 Section Operator service providers; registration required; fee; connection of emergency call to emergency responder service.
Section 484.2320 Section Payphone service; registration required; report of inoperative payphone; notification; rules or orders; regulation of service by local unit of government.
Section 484.2502 Section Provider of basic local exchange service; prohibited conduct; assurance of discontinuance of method, act, or practice.