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Public Act Number: 541
Public Act Year: 2012
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 712A.1 Section Definitions; proceedings not as criminal proceedings; construction of chapter.
Section 712A.18n Section Competency of juvenile; presumption; order to determine competency during proceeding; record.
Section 712A.18o Section Competency evaluation; conduct by qualified forensic mental health examiner; expert witness; additional evaluations at party's expense; conduct in least restrictive environment.
Section 712A.18p Section Providing information relating to competency; submission of report by qualified forensic mental health examiner; extension; copies of report to be provided to certain individuals.
Section 712A.18q Section Competency hearing.
Section 712A.18r Section Competency evaluations; self-incrimination; evidence or statements inadmissible in proceeding determining responsibility; sealing reports; order to open reports; purposes; confidentiality; disclosure.
Section 712A.18s Section Court finding that juvenile may be restored to competency in foreseeable future; restoration order; renewal; report that substantial probability that juvenile will remain incompetent; actions of court; order to provide treatment; report from entity providing services; duties of court; record.