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Public Act Number: 92
Public Act Year: 2017
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Section 38.1305 Section Definitions; M, N.
Section 38.1341 Section Determining annual level percentage of payroll contribution rates; factors; unfunded actuarial accrued liability contribution rate; computation and certification of sum due and payable; payment; certification of actual aggregate compensation; adjustment; evidence of correctness; audit; duties of reporting unit; submission of difference occurring in certain fiscal years; interest rate; reassignment of assets; rate of investment return; basis of asset valuation; use of salary increase assumption; deposit to health advance funding subaccount; allocations from employer contributions; experience investigation study; risk assumptions; report; pension and retiree health care payroll growth assumption rate; "university reporting unit" defined.
Section 38.1341b Section Employees as members on or after July 1, 2010 and before February 1, 2018; determination of separate contribution rate for members on or after February 1, 2018; contributions; individuals performing services for entity not participating in retirement system; conditions.
Section 38.1342 Section Reporting unit contribution; exclusive obligation; contributions picked up by employer; deduction of Social Security contributions; agreement of member; forwarding retirement contributions; report; failure to submit report or contributions; late fee; intentional error or omission; withholding payment of state funds for noncompliance; exception for community or junior college student employee; "intentional" defined.
Section 38.1343a Section Contributions of member to member investment plan; deduction and remittance as employer contributions; benefits; amount of contribution; amounts; percentage; member on or before February 1, 2018.
Section 38.1369 Section Out of system public education service; condition for granting membership or prior service credit; requirements; eligibility for retirement allowance; computation of payment; limitation; refund; noncreditable service; member ineligible to initiate service credit purchase.
Section 38.1369c Section Employee in nonpublic elementary or secondary educational institution or nonpublic institution of higher education, employee in foreign country at school for United States personnel or dependents, full-time teacher with job corps, teacher in trust territory, or teacher on Indian reservation; purchase of service credit; request; documentation; payment of amount of actuarial cost; condition to service being credited; satisfaction of minimum service credit for retirement allowance; refund; effect of pension or annuity; member ineligible to initiate service credit purchase; definitions.
Section 38.1369f Section Election to purchase not more than 5 years of service credit less years of service credit purchased under other provisions; request; payment of actuarial cost; prohibited uses of service credit; refund; member ineligible to initiate service credit purchase.
Section 38.1370 Section State of Michigan service; condition for granting membership or prior service credit; requirements; petition for transfer of service credit, accumulated contributions, and interest; refund; member ineligible to initiate service credit purchase.
Section 38.1371 Section Sabbatical leave; employee organization professional services leave or released time; member ineligible to initiate service credit purchase.
Section 38.1375 Section Separation from service or reduction of hours for purposes of parental leave; purchase of service credit; refund; application; member ineligible to initiate service credit purchase; "parental leave" defined.
Section 38.1379b Section "Initiate a service credit purchase" defined.
Section 38.1381c Section Member 60 years of age or older with 10 or more years of service; increase in regular retirement age; adjustment by retirement board; "regular retirement age" defined.
Section 38.1381d Section Employment retirement system; election to participate in Tier 2; method of accepting elections; election period; member not making election considered as member of Tier 1; collection of employer and employee contributions; qualified participant considered as participant in Tier 2; definitions.
Section 38.1392c Section Appropriation.
Section 38.1408 Section Administration of retirement system as qualified pension plan created in trust under internal revenue code; requirements and benefit limitations; qualified military service.
Section 38.1427 Section Investment; direction by qualified participant, former qualified participant, and refund beneficiary; applicability of limitations; annuity options.
Section 38.1431 Section Tier 2 account; contributions; additional contribution; additional matching contributions by employer.
Section 38.1431a Section Tier 2 accounts; terms and conditions.