November 5, 2003, Introduced by Rep. Tobocman and referred to the Committee on Employment Relations, Training and Safety.

























                                                                                 A bill to amend 1969 PA 317, entitled                                             


    "Worker's disability compensation act of 1969,"                             


    by amending section 361 (MCL 418.361), as amended by 1985 PA                




                THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN ENACT:                      


1       Sec. 361.  (1) While the incapacity for work resulting from                 


2   a personal injury is partial, the employer shall pay  ,  or cause           


3   to be paid to the injured employee weekly compensation equal to             


4   80% of the difference between the injured employee's after-tax              


5   average weekly wage before the personal injury and the after-tax            


6   average weekly wage  which  that the injured employee is able to            


7   earn after the personal injury, but not more than the maximum               


8   weekly rate of compensation, as determined under section 355.               


9   Compensation shall be paid for the duration of the disability.              


10  However, an employer shall not be liable for compensation under             



1   section 351, 371(1), or this subsection for such periods of time            


2   that the employee is unable to obtain or perform work because of            


3   imprisonment or commission of a crime.  As used in this                     


4   subsection, "commission of a crime" does not include an alien's             


5   working without employment authorization or an alien's use of               


6   false documents to obtain employment or to seek work.                       


7       (2) In cases included in the following schedule, the                        


8   disability in each case shall be considered to continue for the             


9   period specified, and the compensation paid for the personal                


10  injury shall be 80% of the after-tax average weekly wage subject            


11  to the maximum and minimum rates of compensation under this act             


12  for the loss of the following:                                              


13      (a) Thumb, 65 weeks.                                                        


14      (b) First finger, 38 weeks.                                                 


15      (c) Second finger, 33 weeks.                                                


16      (d) Third finger, 22 weeks.                                                 


17      (e) Fourth finger, 16 weeks.                                                


18      The loss of the first phalange of the thumb, or of any                      


19  finger, shall be considered to be equal to the loss of 1/2 of               


20  that thumb or finger, and compensation shall be 1/2 of the amount           


21  above specified.                                                            


22      The loss of more than 1 phalange shall be considered as the                 


23  loss of the entire finger or thumb.  The amount received for more           


24  than 1 finger shall not exceed the amount provided in this                  


25  schedule for the loss of a hand.                                            


26      (f) Great toe, 33 weeks.                                                    


27      (g) A toe other than the great toe, 11 weeks.                               


1       The loss of the first phalange of any toe shall be considered               


2   to be equal to the loss of 1/2 of that toe, and compensation                


3   shall be 1/2 of the amount above specified.                                 


4       The loss of more than 1 phalange shall be considered as the                 


5   loss of the entire toe.                                                     


6       (h) Hand, 215 weeks.                                                        


7       (i) Arm, 269 weeks.                                                         


8                                                                                An amputation between the elbow and wrist that is 6 or more                        


9   inches below the elbow shall be considered a hand, and an                   


10  amputation above that point shall be considered an arm.                     


11      (j) Foot, 162 weeks.                                                        


12      (k) Leg, 215 weeks.                                                         


13                                                                               An amputation between the knee and foot 7 or more inches                           


14  below the tibial table (plateau) shall be considered a foot, and            


15  an amputation above that point shall be considered a leg.                   


16                                                                               (l) Eye, 162 weeks.                                                                 


17      Eighty percent loss of vision of 1 eye shall constitute the                 


18  total loss of that eye.                                                     


19      (3) Total and permanent disability, compensation for which is               


20  provided in section 351 means:                                              


21      (a) Total and permanent loss of sight of both eyes.                         


22      (b) Loss of both legs or both feet at or above the ankle.                   


23      (c) Loss of both arms or both hands at or above the wrist.                  


24      (d) Loss of any 2 of the members or faculties in subdivisions               


25  (a), (b), or (c).                                                           


26      (e) Permanent and complete paralysis of both legs or both                   


27  arms or of 1 leg and 1 arm.                                                 


1       (f) Incurable insanity or imbecility.                                       


2       (g) Permanent and total loss of industrial use of both legs                 


3   or both hands or both arms or 1 leg and 1 arm; for the purpose of           


4   this subdivision such permanency shall be determined not less               


5   than 30 days before the expiration of 500 weeks from the date of            


6   injury.                                                                     


7       (4) The amounts specified in this  clause  subsection are all               


8   subject to the same limitations as to maximum and minimum as                


9   above  stated in subsections (1) to (3) In case of  For the             


10  loss of 1 member while compensation is being paid for the loss of           


11  another member, compensation shall be paid for the loss of the              


12  second member for the period provided in this section.  Payments            


13  for the loss of a second member shall begin at the conclusion of            


14  the payments for the first member.