HB-5597, As Passed House, December 4, 2014















May 27, 2014, Introduced by Reps. Zemke, Zorn and LaVoy and referred to the Committee on Local Government.


     A bill to amend 1989 PA 24, entitled


"The district library establishment act,"


by amending section 2 (MCL 397.172), as amended by 2005 PA 60.




     Sec. 2. As used in this act:


     (a) "Agreement" means a district library agreement required by


section 3 or the agreement governing a district library established


under former 1955 PA 164.


     (b) "Board" means a district library board.


     (c) "Department" means the department of history, arts, and




     (d) "District" means the territory of the participating


municipalities that is served by a district library established


under this act.


     (e) "General election" means that term as defined in section 2


of the Michigan election law, 1954 PA 116, MCL 168.1 to




     (f) "Largest" means, if used in reference to a participating


school district, the participating school district having the most


electors voting at the last regularly scheduled school board


election in the participating school district.


     (g) "Largest" means, if used in reference to a county, the


county having the most registered electors of a district as last


reported to the county clerk under section 661 of the Michigan


election law, 1954 PA 116, MCL 168.661.


     (h) "Legislative body" means, if the municipality is a school


district, the school board.


     (i) "Municipality" means a city, village, school district,


township, or county. Municipality shall not include a school


district for the purpose of establishing a new district library


after January 1, 2015.


     (j) "Participating" means, in reference to a municipality,


that the municipality is a party to an agreement.


     (k) "School district" means 1 of the following but does not


include a primary school district or a school district that holds


meetings rather than elections:


     (i) "Local act school district" as defined in section 5 of the


revised school code, 1976 PA 451, MCL 380.5.


     (ii) "Local school district" as that term is used in the


revised school code, 1976 PA 451, MCL 380.1 to 380.1852.


     (l) "State librarian" means the librarian appointed under


section 5 of the library of Michigan act, 1982 PA 540, MCL