May 28, 2014, Introduced by Rep. Schor and referred to the Committee on Agriculture.


     A bill to amend 1919 PA 339, entitled


"Dog law of 1919,"


by amending the title and section 1 (MCL 287.261), as amended by


1996 PA 63, and by adding section 30a.






     An act relating to dogs and domestic animals used as pets; to


provide for the protection of live stock livestock and poultry from


damage by dogs; providing to provide for the licensing of dogs and


other domestic animals; regulating to regulate the keeping of dogs,


and authorizing their destruction in certain cases; providing to


provide for the determination and payment of damages done by dogs


to live stock livestock and poultry; imposing to prescribe the


powers and duties on of certain state, county, city, and township


agencies, officers, and employes, and to repeal Act No. 347 of the


Public Acts of 1917, and providing employees; to authorize certain


local ordinances; and to prescribe penalties for the violation of


this act.


     Sec. 1. (1) This act shall be known and may be cited as the


"dog law of 1919"."pet law".


     (2) For the purpose of this act:


     (a) "Livestock" means horses, stallions, colts, geldings,


mares, sheep, rams, lambs, bulls, bullocks, steers, heifers, cows,


calves, mules, jacks, jennets, burros, goats, kids and swine, and


fur-bearing animals being raised in captivity.


     (b) "Miniature goat" means those types of goats commonly known


as pygmy, dwarf, and miniature goats.


     (c) (b) "Poultry" means all domestic fowl, ornamental birds,


and game birds possessed or being reared under authority of a


breeder's license pursuant to part 427 (breeders and dealers) of


the natural resources and environmental protection act, Act No. 451


of the Public Acts of 1994, being sections 324.42701 to 324.42714


of the Michigan Compiled Laws.1994 PA 451, MCL 324.42701 to




     (d) (c) "Owner" when applied to the proprietorship of a dog


means every person having who has a right of property in the dog,


and every person who keeps or harbors the dog or has it in his the


person's care, and every person or who permits the dog to remain on


or about any premises occupied by him.the person.


     (e) (d) "Kennel" means any establishment wherein or whereon


dogs are kept for the purpose of breeding, sale, or sporting




     (f) (e) "Law enforcement officer" means any person employed or


elected by the people of the state, or by any municipality, county,


or township, whose duty it is to preserve peace or to make arrests


or to enforce the law, and includes conservation officers and


members of the state police.


     (g) (f) "Hunting" means allowing a dog to range freely within


sight or sound of its owner while in the course of hunting legal


game or an unprotected animal.


     Sec. 30a. A county board of commissioners may adopt an


ordinance providing for the licensing and regulation of miniature


goats that are not associated with a farm or farm operation.


     (2) As used in this section, "farm" and "farm operation" mean


those terms as they are defined in section 2 of the Michigan right


to farm act, 1981 PA 93, MCL 286.472.