December 2, 2014, Introduced by Rep. Price and referred to the Committee on Local Government.


     A bill to amend 1919 PA 398, entitled


"An act to authorize the construction of bridges over navigable

streams and waters in certain cases, for the continuance of public

highways over such water as avenues of public travel; to authorize

the levying, spreading and collecting of special taxes and

assessments for any such bridge; to authorize the borrowing of

money and issuance of bonds under certain restrictions, regulations

and limitations; to provide for the recovery by the owners of

property or property rights abutting upon or adjoining any such

highway of their damages resulting by reason of the construction of

such bridge and providing the procedure for recovery of such

damages; and to prescribe the powers and duties of certain officers

with reference thereto,"


by amending section 5 (MCL 254.55).




     Sec. 5. Said A board of county road commissioners shall by


resolution speedily prepare a proposed special assessment district


for such the work described in section 1, fixing it by resolution


which shall embody include a description of the boundaries thereof


of the proposed special assessment district. They The board shall


fix a time and place to hear objections to such the proposed


special assessment district and give notice thereof of the hearing


as hereinafter provided in this section. Such The notice shall set


forth a description of describe the boundaries of the proposed


special assessment district or the several parcels of land proposed


to be assessed on account of such work, and the time and place of


hearing. At this the hearing, all parties or persons interested


persons shall be given an opportunity to present their objections,


if any, to such the proposed special assessment district. Notice


Before January 1, 2015, the board of county road commissioners


shall give notice of this the hearing shall be given by the county


road commissioners at least 10 days prior to such the hearing by


causing publishing a notice thereof to be published of the hearing


at least once in each week for 2 consecutive weeks in succession in


some a newspaper published and of general circulation in such the


county, and by posting in public and conspicuous places 5 notices


in each township, city, and village within which the assessment


district lies in whole or in part, and within the limits of such


the district, and also by posting such notice in any public place


which may be provided in the county seat for the posting of public


notices. Beginning January 1, 2015, notice of a hearing under this


section shall be published using tier A public notice as provided


in the local government public notice act. At this the hearing, the


county road commissioners shall , subject to the foregoing, make


any changes in the specifications deemed by them advisable, without


further notice or hearing, provided such if those changes do not


increase the estimates by more than 10 per cent. 10%. If they do


the changes in the specifications increase the estimates by more


than 10 per cent 10%, then the board of county road commissioners


shall hold a new hearing shall be had and shall give notice thereof


given, as in the first instance of the hearing as provided in this


section. At said the new hearing, the board of county road


commissioners may alter the boundaries of the proposed assessment


district. : Provided, however, That if said. If a special


assessment district is enlarged or otherwise altered so as to


embrace include additional lands, the board of county road


commissioners shall hold a hearing thereon on the enlargement or


alteration after due giving notice shall be had as hereinbefore


provided in this section.


     Enacting section 1. This amendatory act does not take effect


unless Senate Bill No. ____ or House Bill No. 5560 (request no.


03796'13) of the 97th Legislature is enacted into law.