June 2, 2014, Introduced by Senators JONES and SCHUITMAKER and referred to the Committee on Judiciary.




     A bill to amend 1961 PA 236, entitled


"Revised judicature act of 1961,"


by amending section 3805 (MCL 600.3805).




     Sec. 3805. The attorney general, of the state of Michigan, the


prosecuting attorney or any citizen resident of the county in which


a nuisance described in section 3801 is located, or a city,


village, or township attorney for the city, village, or township in


which the nuisance is located may maintain an action for equitable


relief in the name of the state of Michigan, upon on the relation


of such the attorney general, prosecuting attorney, or citizen


resident, or city, village, or township attorney to abate said the


nuisance and to perpetually enjoin any person, his servant, or an


agent , or employee of the person, who shall own, lease, conduct or


maintain such owns, leases, conducts, or maintains the building,


vehicle, boat, aircraft, or place , from permitting or suffering


such the building, vehicle, boat, or aircraft, or place owned,


leased, conducted, or maintained by him, the person, or any other


building, vehicle, boat, aircraft, or place conducted or maintained


by him the person to be used for any of the purposes or acts or by


any of the persons set forth described in section 3801. , or for


any of the acts enumerated in said section. When the After an


injunction has been is granted , under this section it shall be is


binding on the defendant throughout the judicial circuit in which


it was issued.this state.