HB-4162, As Passed House, March 11, 2015


















February 10, 2015, Introduced by Reps. Nesbitt, Theis, Bizon, Poleski, Pscholka, Victory, Yonker, Maturen, McCready, Iden, Bumstead, Price, Inman, Crawford, Outman, Muxlow and Barrett and referred to the Committee on Commerce and Trade.


     A bill to amend 1976 PA 333, entitled


"An act to provide for the licensing of elevator journeymen and the

regulation of elevators and elevator journeymen; to prescribe the

functions of the director of labor and the elevator safety board;

and to provide penalties for violations of this act,"


by amending section 2 (MCL 338.2152).




     Sec. 2. (1) This act shall does not apply to or in a city,


village, or township having that has regulations under in its


ordinances that are comparable to this act and Act No. 227 of the


Public Acts of 1967, nor to or 1967 PA 227, MCL 408.801 to 408.824.


     (2) This act does not apply to licensed journeymen in such a


city, village, or township described in subsection (1).


     (3) This act does not apply to the installation, construction,


repair, alteration, or maintenance of a residential stairway

House Bill No. 4162 as amended March 10, 2015


chairlift or residential platform lift that is subject to section


14a of 1967 PA 227, MCL 408.814a.

[Enacting section 1. This amendatory act takes effect 90 days after the date it is enacted into law.]

     Enacting section [2]. This amendatory act does not take effect


unless Senate Bill No. ____ or House Bill No. 4163 (request no.


00334'15) of the 98th Legislature is enacted into law.