February 18, 2015, Introduced by Senator HUNE and referred to the Committee on Health Policy.




     A bill to amend 1978 PA 368, entitled


"Public health code,"


(MCL 333.1101 to 333.25211) by adding section 21517.




     Sec. 21517. (1) A hospital that uses a charge description


master shall make its charge description master available by


posting an electronic copy of the charge description master on the


hospital's internet website. If the hospital has no website, it


shall make a written or electronic copy available at the hospital


location. A hospital shall also post a clear and conspicuous notice


in its emergency department, if any, admissions office, and billing


office informing patients that the hospital's charge description


master is available in the manner described in this subsection. A


hospital shall not enter into any contract that prevents it from


making its charge description master available as required in this




     (2) Any person may file a claim with the department alleging a


violation of this section. The department shall investigate and


inform the complaining person of its determination whether a


violation has occurred and what action it will take. The department


may impose an administrative fine of up to $1,000.00 per day for a


violation of this section.


     (3) As used in this section, "charge description master" means


a uniform schedule of charges represented by the hospital as its


gross billed charge for a given service or item, regardless of


payer type.


     Enacting section 1. This amendatory act takes effect 1 year


after the date it is enacted into law.