INTERIM TEACHING CERTIFICATE                                                                   S.B. 657:

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Senate Bill 657 (as introduced 11-13-19)

Sponsor:  Senator Lana Theis

Committee:  Education and Career Readiness


Date Completed:  2-11-20




The bill would amend the Revised School Code to do the following:


 --   Eliminate a provision prohibiting the interim teaching certificate (ITC) process from allowing an ITC for special education.

 --   Specify that the ITC process would have to conform with applicable requirements within the Federal Every Student Succeeds Act.

 --   Removes a reference to "elementary certification examination".


Generally, the Code requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction to issue a teaching certificate only to individuals who have passed the applicable examinations or who otherwise meet the Code's requirements. However, the Code requires the Superintendent to establish a process for an individual to earn an ITC that qualifies that individual to teach in public schools and to earn a Michigan teaching certificate. The process must meet all applicable requirements for an alternative teaching certificate process under the Federal No Child Left Behind Act.


The Code may not allow for an ITC for special education.


The bill would remove this language. In addition, the bill specifies that the alternative teaching certification process would have to meet the requirements under the Federal No Child Left Behind Act or the Every Student Succeeds Act, as applicable.


"Elementary certification examination" means that term as defined in Section 1531: a comprehensive examination for elementary certification that has been developed or selected by the superintendent of Public Instruction for demonstrating the applicant's knowledge and understanding of the core subjects normally taught in elementary classrooms and for determining whether or not an applicant is eligible for an elementary level teaching certificate. The bill would remove the reference to this term.


MCL 380.1531i                                                            Legislative Analyst:  Dana Adams




The bill would have no fiscal impact on State or local government. The changes proposed would reflect Federal policy changes and changes to teacher certification examination that already have been implemented.


                                                                                        Fiscal Analyst:  Cory Savino

This analysis was prepared by nonpartisan Senate staff for use by the Senate in its deliberations and does not constitute an official statement of legislative intent.