Act No. 323

Public Acts of 2020

Approved by the Governor

December 29, 2020

Filed with the Secretary of State

December 29, 2020

EFFECTIVE DATE: March 24, 2021




state of michigan

100th Legislature

Regular session of 2020

Introduced by Senator Victory


AN ACT to amend 1978 PA 90, entitled “An act to provide for the legal employment and protection of minors; to provide for the issuance and revocation of work permits; to provide for the regulation of hours and conditions of employment of minors; to prescribe powers and duties of the departments of labor and education; to provide for the enforcement of this act; to prescribe penalties; and to repeal certain acts and parts of acts,” by amending sections 5 and 6 (MCL 409.105 and 409.106).

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Sec. 5. An issuing officer shall issue a work permit on an application by the minor desiring employment and after the following papers have been examined, approved, and filed:

(a) A statement of intention to employ the minor, signed by the prospective employer or by a person authorized by the prospective employer, setting forth the general nature of the occupation in which the employer intends to employ the minor, the hours during which the minor will be employed, the wages to be paid, and other information the department of education, in cooperation with the department of labor and economic opportunity, requires.

(b) Evidence showing that the minor is of the age required by this act. Proof of age must be established by 1 of the following:

(i) A certified copy of the birth record or any other proof of age showing the place and date of birth.

(ii) A certified copy of valid operator’s license issued by this state clearly showing date of birth.

(iii) The school record or the school census record.

(iv) The sworn statement of the minor’s parent or guardian, together with a corroborating statement of a physician.

(v) If documentary proof as described in subparagraphs (i) to (iv) is not obtainable, the issuing officer may accept other documentation as established by department of education rules.


Sec. 6. (1) A work permit must be issued in the form prescribed by the department of education in cooperation with the department of labor and economic opportunity and in accordance with instructions so prescribed. A work permit issued to a minor under 16 years of age must clearly indicate on the work permit that the minor is under 16 years of age. A work permit must state the name and address of the minor, the date of birth, the occupation and industry in which the minor is employed, the employer’s name and address, and other information required by the department of education.

(2) The department of education shall promulgate rules prescribing standards for the issuance of work permits, which must include the following factors:

(a) Evidence of age.

(b) Standards of work as established by the department of labor and economic opportunity and federal regulation.

(c) Statutory requirements.

(3) A fee must not be charged for a work permit or other record required by this act.

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