senate resolution no.15

Senators Barrett, Bumstead, MacDonald, Lucido, Theis, McBroom, Outman, Nesbitt, LaSata, Horn, Runestad, Zorn and VanderWall offered the following resolution:

A resolution to urge the federal government to provide durable, permanent, and meaningful security at our nation's borders.

Whereas, The integrity of our nation's borders is essential to peace, order, and stability. Without borders, a country cannot exist; and

Whereas, The extensive length of our borders and the status of our nation create challenges in maintaining the integrity of our borders. The United States has approximately 6,900 miles of inland border—1,900 along the Mexican border and 5,000 along the Canadian border—and 95,000 miles of shoreline. Our strong economy, quality of life, and leadership in the world make the United States both a desired destination for immigrants seeking better opportunities and a target for people seeking to exploit or harm our way of life; and

Whereas, Border threats and security are not limited to our country's southern borders. There were 18 joint operations along our northern border in 2017, and 24 projected for 2018, to ensure legal trade and travel, while mitigating border security threats, including illicit activity by criminal organizations. In Michigan, there are 13 sensors covering 35 miles of the St. Clair River to monitor border activity; and

Whereas, Structures along our border, in concert with other efforts, are an effective and demonstrated deterrent to illegal border crossings and the crime, drugs, and smuggling associated with those crossings. In some areas where these structures have been built, there has been a 91 percent reduction in apprehensions, a far larger drop than in areas without structures, as well as a drop in nearby criminal activity. These structures will continue to be a deterrent for years to come, and the construction of structures is a vital component of future border security; and

Whereas, Current funding levels are not adequate to take the actions needed to secure our borders; and

Whereas, The dedicated men and women tasked with protecting our borders need our full support. Every day, they work tirelessly to facilitate lawful travel, trade, and immigration while preventing terrorists and terrorist weapons, illegal aliens, smugglers, and narcotics from moving across our borders; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Senate, That we urge the federal government to fund border security at an appropriate level to keep our country safe and provide durable, permanent, and meaningful security at our nation's borders; and be it further

Resolved, That copies of this resolution be transmitted to the President of the United States, the President of the United States Senate, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, and the members of the Michigan congressional delegation.